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This summer we set sail with Nash from PART, so we talked to him about a year of amazing events and what he has in store…..

Nash tell us the highlights from the Sail with Tim Green this summer?

Leila you were there, you tell me!!

For me it was definitely a unique, memorable experience and one of the best bday parties. There were two parts,  one on a beautiful sailboat and the after party on industrial Kent Ave. There were two other parties on the block on the same night so it turned out to be one big street hang out.  Tim Green was really cool and down to earth, helped us set up, really felt like he was a part of the crew and friends & friends of friends still talk about it at times and their enjoyment makes all the effort worth the while.

The highlight, though, was spinning B2B with Tim Green. I had already played my set, Tim threw on a few of ridiculously good tracks and was motioning me to come play and I was thinking – great, what do I play B2B with THIS!? now – But then I decided to play CCTV (one of the tracks Teo Cretella and I made in London this summer) and it went off! It was cool that Tim liked it because his set I heard in Miami was the major inspiration of the direction of these tracks.

Upcoming parties you have coming up?
Tim Green is coming back for our EP release and 1st year Anniversary  this Saturday Oct 20 at a brand new art gallery. We’ve had a great year and fun events at Schoolhouse w/ Brandt Brauer Frick, Matthew Dear for New Years,  Guti at Ran Tea House, and our boy TG, while playing rooftop parties with residents Jasper, Momus, Lara Berman, MaKr, Jewl, Maksim at Hotel Chantelle.

I am very pleased with the overall vibe and energy of our events. I feel like people from totally different ‘cliques’ click at PART, become friends, exchange ideas, etc. Our original contemporary dancer Kiani is now living with Daniel Brandt in Berlin whom she met at our event. If nothing ever comes of PART, at least a love story did…!

Nash what have you been up to?
I started my Philosophy MA at the New School in September and forgot how time-consuming school can be.  For those that still read, look up Critical Theory (H. Marcuse) and Pragmatism (J. Dewey, R. Rorty), my favorites along with Bertolt Brecht.

As for music, I went to London to this summer and had a lot of fun making the release with Teo Cretella, crashing in the recording studio where I’d cover myself with a flag of Tibet because it was freezing cold .. (in June!) Teo is an amazing producer and I have been getting good feedback about the fruits of our collaboration – so I am very excited to share the release. Also any constructive feedback is welcome, please do tell us what you think about the tracks whether you like them or not.
Following our Political Art theme, the EP is titled “Macht Kaputt Was Euch Kaputt Macht” which in German means Destroy what destroys you… The message is pretty clear, I think.
We also cleaned up our website, check it out, made a Facebook page – where you can stay up to date with upcoming events like Simon Baker’s Full Body Work out Tour that will stop by NYC & PART Dec 8 @ Ran Tea House…. One definitely not to be missed.

PART Odyssey w/ Tim Green from Uros Otasevic on Vimeo.


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