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Carlotta Cramer Klett started her own accessory collection of original jeweled headpieces hiitu this past year. Originally from Bavaria she has spent some years studying in England, and moved to Berlin in 2008. She is currently getting a degree in Textile and Surface Design. She created hiitu when she couldn’t find headpieces anywhere and started making her own. She initially experimented with different techniques, looked at all sorts of cultures and finally began to develop her own aesthetic.
Friends began asking her to make pieces for them as well,  and soon after it was friends of friends, which is how hiitu came into existence.  In Feb 2012 Carlotta moved to London, to work for fashion designer Mary Katrantzou and has now taken a full position at Bex Rox, before returning to Berlin to continue her studies.

Greatest inspirations or influences?

The inspiration for hiitu comes from the Native American tribe of the Pawnee. hiitu means feather in their language.
My connection to them is strong, as my great great grandmother was a member of this tribe, and in passing traditional jewellery down our generations, inspired me to create my pieces. Folkloric cultures in general are where I get a lot of my inspiration from. I want to work with their crafts and designs which have been passed down for generations and combine them with contemporary designs to create something new.

Challenges of starting your own collection?

To continue working on my degree and focus on the hittu project at the same time. Now that the site is up, and I have defined my aesthetic, I have a better idea of where I want it to go. Starting your business is never easy, but if you are determined that your product is worth it, you will get there in the end.

Fashion icons in your opinion?

I love Jane Birkin for her simple, hippie chic look. I am also a great fan of the eccentric Josephine Baker’ s headpieces. Chloe Sevigny is also a source of inspiration, I love her style and persona.

Favorite websites, blogs?


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