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Author Tom Kelly’s The Ten Faces of Innovation is an extraordinary guide to nurturing and sustaining an organization’s culture of continuous innovation and renewal.


This funky read analyzes everything from super-toilets to cute character stationery goods, exploring the cool and wild territory where subculture can teach technology how to create innovative products with a competitive edge.  The Japanese have leveraged the childlike, feminine, cute aspects of theirotaku(geek) culture into top-tier products for world markets. What does this mean for the human/object interface?

Author Morinosuke Kawaguchi is an innovation and competitive strategy consultant working for the global strategy consulting firm, Arthur D. Little, (Japan) Inc. where he is Principal & Associate Director. He is the inventor of the Morinoske Subculture-driven Innovation Model, which he applies to both his consulting work and educational activity. In this fundamental concept, he established the importance of subculture as a seed for innovation, defined its parameters and is proving that it is indeed a value creating, viable solution for both industrial and national strategies. More about the Morinoske Innovation Model

Recognized as a leading authority on innovation and strategy, he is an expert in the management of technology, intellectual property and design. Yahoo Japan listed Morinosuke Kawaguchi’s TEDxTokyo Toilet Talks as one of the world’s Top 5 presentations. This same presentation has achieved more than 116,000 views on YouTube and an astonishing 342,000 hits on Yahoo Japan, ranking it no. 1 in Yahoo Japan’s video list.


Meta Products-Meaningful Design For Our Connected World

Meta Products is for trend forecasters, product design agencies and anyone interested in the next wave of consumer technology. The web has become the standard for communication, advertising, socializing, financing etc, a platform consisting of bits and bytes that has a life on its own and grows as it empowers people to fulfill their aspirations. Products, services, places, knowledge and people will be web-enabled, creating new connections and new interactions; hence new networks. Business success will rely on harmonious and valuable networks, called Meta Products and designing meaningful Meta Products will be the key for innovation and brand differentiation.

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