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“Running Through Museums” ( out on Feb 13th) by The Burlinson|Whitten Trio can be considered a watershed moment in music — both for its insignificance as well as it’s artistry. For sampling the 13 handcrafted songs could lead you to discover something both pleasurable and thought-provoking within their disparate grooves.  The lyrics are also not your standard pop fare, with allusions to Kerouac, Gandhi, and Nietzsche.  Will it change the world?  Not according to Auden.  But it might make you dance, or hum, or think.  Which is something…Thanks for the recommendation Sacha Awwa!

In RUNNING THROUGH MUSEUMS  BWT addresses these important issues:

  1. Why the universe continues to expand.
  2. Whether Thoreau had the right idea in turning his back on industrialized society.
  3. What it’s actually like to get “lost” while daydreaming.
  4. Whether Lou Reed and the Midnight Cowboy are still relevant in 2012
  5. Tne relationship between the Occupy movement, Beat Poetry and Buddhism.
  6. How the month of February seems endless, as well as really, really cold.
  7. The benefits of public transportation.
  8. Apparitions and poltergeists



Burlinson drove a BMW R-69 motorcycle from the Cross Bronx Expressway to California’s Route 1 and back …and back again.

Whitten has worked with Iggy Pop (but not as a musician).

Burlinson|Whitten played their first gig in 2008.  It was at a Christmas party and they were paid with pigs in blankets.

Burlinson has an affinity for the poetry of Yeats and Whitman, and studied verse with legendary Dan Langton of San Francisco.

Whitten has written two well-reviewed books, “Secrets of the SuperOptimist” and “The Do-It-Yourself Constitutional Amendment Kit”

Burlinson|Whitten is called a “trio” because of their secretive “third member”, producer Paul Opalach


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9 Responses so far.

  1. pam Montgomery says:

    can’t wait to buy it!

  2. Susan Reed says:

    I love Running Through Museums. It puts you in a mellow thinking zone, and whatever it is you’re doing, you do it better. I can’t be sure, but I think I breathe better while listening too. It’s Zen.

    Great playing, great singing, and great engineering. Congrats to one and all.

  3. Looking forward to this new release. Sounds like some creative guys at work here.

  4. Adam Cohen says:

    Can’t wait for the release of BWT’s new album!

  5. Liza Sherman says:

    love love love.
    great stuff…

  6. David Davidson says:

    Looking forward to it, guys! Rock on!!

  7. Tom Walsh says:

    “Running Through Museums” sounds like R.E.M. and the Band just got home from their first date, and now they’re both buzzing with anticipation (but we can remove the sexual connotations). Very promising and very impressive. This is some really fine music, congrats and thank you.

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