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After many years of  experience working at the highest level of fashion photography  and advertising, photographers Salim Langatta and Edoardo De Ruggiero  decided to collaborate  and combine their vision under the name of Billy Nava.  They are dedicated to creating images for the visual industry in different mediums including photography, digital, video and collage.  In 2009  Vladimir Restoin Roitfield  collaborated with Louis Vuitton to curate a successful exhibition for Billy Nava who continue to work with Vogue, V magazine, Harpers and clients such as Dior. They live and work in Paris but travel the world extensively and are curious to visit/work with clients all over particularly in the Middle East ( after hearing so much of my adventures and the current creative explosion in the region).

Greatest Inspirations/Influences?

  • Our friends, we love to work with them and share our ideas
  • We are inspired by every artist that is able to do their own thing.

Upcoming Projects?

We are working on a photography book that will present some of our biggest achievements since forming Billy Nava. We especially love working on our journal.

Favorite Websites?

Most Inspiring Cities?
We are incredibly lucky because we get to travel a lot because of our work, so each and every place has its own charm and magic. The Bosphorous views, the night markets in Bangkok, getting lost walking around in Rome, the power and energy of New York city, the crowded beaches of  Rio etc…
Challenges of what you do?
If it must be called a challenge  it would be to continue improving what we do and get better at it. Because we are two, sometimes we see things differently and our vision is not in tune which is natural, but through discussion we arrive at an agreement somewhere in the middle and we grow together with a mature result.
Anything else you’d like to share with our audience?
Get a camera and start your adventure.

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