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Growing up in an Islamic country, Tala Raassi constantly had to cover up and felt like a carbon copy of every woman around. She has always felt a woman should embrace their body and show their personality through fashion so she began to constantly sketch and design outfits in the privacy of her own home, but wanted the freedom to show off and share her creations. Once in the U.S., everyone seemed to focus more on labels than actual style. Her friends would wear their designer clothing, and yet Tala would receive more compliments on something she had sewn together. More and more people started to express interest in her creations so in 05, she started Tala Raassi LLC, which featured both men’s and women’s wear. In 2006 she opened Profile Fashion, a cutting edge men’s and women’s boutique in Washington, D.C. ( she later sold her interests in the store) so that she could put all her effort and focus into Dar be Dar. Dar be Dar means ¨door to door¨in Farsi, (in slang, someone that is all over the place)- and Raassi really represents that globetrotting lifestyle.

Greatest inspirations or influences?
On my first trip to Brazil, I was overwhelmed by the sense of style and sexiness of the culture. I realized a woman’s body is a work of art and should be celebrated. I felt like I was finally seeing what it meant to be a confident, independent woman. Exploring the exotic beaches of South America, I was inspired by the bright colors and various styles of bikinis, which is why I decided to launch Dar be Dar swimwear.

Favorite fashion brands?
Stella McCartney because of the patterns and shapes she creates, she takes into consideration how the clothing will look on a woman’s body. I’m also a fan of many Brazilian designers because they take risks,create clothes that are sexy, yet classy and which really show off a woman’s curves.

How do you plan to develop your brand?
I plan to develop my brand by turning it into a full clothing line. I started off with bathing suits, which is a great niche and I hope to quickly make Dar be Dar a household name. My next line will include women’s apparel.

Fashion icons?
I think Victoria Beckham is a fashion icon of our time. She’s never afraid to think outside the box and try a new style. She’s edgy, sexy and sophisticated in her clothing.

How would you describe the girl that you design for?
My typical customer is playful, flirty, adventurous and confident.

With so much competition now, how do you make your brand stand out from the rest?
Having owned a store I carried various brands and learned what styles and shapes are flattering and compliment a woman’s body. I think the key to success in this industry is to really know your clientele. So many designers pay attention to the fashion, but don’t take into account how it will look on their customer. I have traveled the world and met with many designers to discuss different trends, patterns and silhouettes. I spent countless hours testing out different fabrics and cuts to see out what works best. I have really put my heart and soul into Dar be Dar and it’s tremendous to see the positive response I’ve already received from the first collection. I’m excited to see what comes next and look forward to expanding Dar be Dar.

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